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Welcome Getting StartedGetting Started - How Performance Measure Data Fields Are Identified in the FormsGetting Started: Browser SettingsGetting Started: Helpful Resources and RecommendationsSetup FormsTraining Program - Setup Faculty Development – SetupProgram Characteristics-PC SubformsPC-1: Program Characteristics – Degree/Diploma/Certificate Training ProgramsPC-3: Program Characteristics – Non-degree bearing Structured Training ProgramsPC-7: Program Characteristics – Practica and Field PlacementsPC-8: Program Characteristics – Residency ProgramsIndividual Characteristics-INDGEN SubformsIND-GEN: Individual CharacteristicsINDGEN-PY: Individual Prior YearExperiential Characteristics-EXP SubformsEXP-1: Training Site SetupEXP-2: Experiential Characteristics - Trainees by Profession/DisciplineCourse Development and Enhancement-CDE SubformsCDE-1: Course Development and Enhancement - Course InformationCDE-2: Course Development and Enhancement - Trainees by Profession/DisciplineFaculty Development, Instruction, and Recruitment-FD SubformsFD-1a: Faculty Development - Structured Faculty Development Training ProgramsFD-1b: Faculty Development - Faculty Trained By Profession/DisciplineFD-2a: Faculty Development - Faculty Development ActivitiesFD-2b: Faculty Development - Faculty Trained By Profession/DisciplineContinuing Education Activities-CE SubformsCE-1: Continuing Education - Course Characteristics and ContentCE-2: Continuing Education - Individuals Trained by Profession/DisciplinePrinting Your Performance ReportSubmitting Your Performance ReportAppendix A: GlossaryAppendix B: FAQs

Nurse, Education, Practice, Quality and Retention - Registered Nurses in Primary Care

  • Health Resources and Services Administration
  • Academic Year: 2022-2023
  • Bureau of Health Workforce
  • OMB Number: 0915-0061
  • Annual Performance Report
  • OMB Expiration Date: 01/31/2025


Welcome to the Bureau of Health Workforce’s Performance Measures Handbook (BPMH)! This instruction manual has been carefully designed to assist your organization in completing the required Performance Report for Grants and Cooperative Agreements (PRGCA) which is also referred to as the Annual Performance Report (APR). Please read through this manual carefully, as it contains examples and a series of step-by-step instructions that will aid you in completing all required forms. 

1.  All required performance measures are linked to the following legislative purpose(s) of the NEPQR-RNPC grant program:       

The overall purpose of the NEPQR program is to enhance nursing education, increase the number of qualified nurses, improve the quality of patient care, increase nurse retention, and thus strengthen the nursing workforce. The purpose of the NEPQR-RNPC program specifically is to train RN students and the existing RN workforce to maximize their contribution to community-based primary care teams in rural and underserved settings.

2.  Data submitted by grantees must cover all activities that took place between July 01, 2022 - June 30, 2023. This is true for all grant programs except NHSC-SLRP. If you are reporting for NHSC-SLRP, data must cover all activities that took place between September 01, 2022 - August 31, 2023


3.  Each year, the APR is due no later than July 31, 2023. Failure to submit an APR by this date may place your grant in a noncompliant status. If you are reporting for NHSC-SLRP, the APR is due no later than September 21, 2023

4.  Officials at the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) will review and approve all APRs submitted by grantees. In the case that revisions are needed, you will be granted the ability to re-enter the BPMH system, make corrections, and submit a revised APR. All revisions must be resubmitted within five (5) business days of the initial request. Failure to resubmit a revised APR within five (5) business days may place your grant in a noncompliant status. 


5.  We appreciate your feedback and assistance during this process. If you have any questions or require further assistance in completing your APR, please visit the grants home page or contact the HRSA Call Center.  All requests for technical assistance will be coordinated through the Call Center and responded to promptly: Call Center Phone Number: 877-GO4-HRSA (877-464-4772) or Call Center Online Assistance Form: click here.

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